Have you always dreamed of eating the culinary creations of the world's best chefs in your own living room? Well, from this day forward it is no longer a dream. Uqonic Chefs is a premium culinary delivery platform that connects you to iconic chefs around the globe. So  whether it's the best sushi from Japan or a classic pasta from the one and only Peppe Guida, Uqonic Chefs its menu has it all.


Chefs are strong characters with a particular vision towards food and the making of it. But every chef has an individual energy and unique approach to his/her craft. I instantly felt that Peppe Guida is a no-nonsense type of person, a man of the people so to speak and therefore I wanted to emphasize his authenticity in the film.

Hope you like it!


Director - Luuk Walschot
Cinematography - Noah Kingmans
Production - Magenta Films
Edit - Marliz Kerssing
Music & sounddesign - Thijs Rigterink

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