Het hoofdkwartier is a coffeeroastery in Amstelveen, The Netherlands which is run by Arnoud and Roland.
Besides their love for coffee beans they also buy, renovate and sell old vintage espresso machines.
They're passionate craftsmen and practice their profession with a no-bullshit mentality.
Perfectly roasted beans from an excellent coffee machine. That's it.


The brief basically was to make a corporate film. This is what, why and how we do things.
I wanted to do something different than the usual documentary approach in which you see beautiful images 
in a slow pace montage with a warm voice over and safe background music.

To emphasize their no-bullshit and humoristic vision I decided to go for quirky scenes in between a quick montage 
of documentary shots. Besides I added analog photo sequences to give the film a true and nostalgic feel.
The American no nonsense voice over and opera music finish it of nicely.


Written & Directed - Luuk Walschot
Cinematography - Bart Hol & Olaf van Dam
Production & Postproduction - Boomerang Agency
Music & Sounddesign - Soundsright
Client - Het Hoofdkwartier

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