Traveling by train is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It's about
meeting new people and experiencing unexpected adventures in between destinations. 
Eurail (aka Interrail) wanted a brand movie that captures the unique sensation of
traveling by train.


I realized that if we wanted to make an authentic brand movie we needed to send real people on a train journey
and let them capture their train adventure themselves. So we recruited four groups (each one matching one
of the target audiences of Eurail) and sent them on their way. Each group started in a different corner of
Europe and we gave them all tools to document their railroad adventure.

The voice over script being finalized prior to departure I checked in with the cast on a daily basis
to ask how they were doing, what they shot so far and what kind of activities would be nice to capture
on their location. In post production we collected all shots which communicated the authenticity
we were aiming for and put them together in this one of a kind brand movie.


Director - Luuk Walschot
Cinematography - Cast themselves
Production & Postproduction - Boomerang Agency
Music & Sounddesign - Soundsright
Client - Eurail

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