The brief was to create an inspring brandfilm in which MHB's rich history, boundless passion, urge to innovate, reliability and mastership come to life. In doing so not only sell the product, but above all, the mission to create more light. They claim to produce the world's lightest and strongest profile systems, with design and beauty as a top priority. I came up with a visual interesting comparison - equally as strong, beautiful and slender in a different way.


Modern dance stands for elegance, beauty, form, creativity, discipline, innovation, and mastery over your body.
Finally, modern dance has a certain sophistication that appeals to their target audience.


To make a brandfilm building on MHB's slogan; ‘Dutch masters of steel since 1667’ - giving meaning and depth to their vision of mastery. Visually contrasting by interweaving a subtle story in the film, which at first sight is
a world away from MHB.


Director - Luuk Walschot
Cinematography - Abel van Dijk
Production - Bandit.Amsterdam
Editor - ErikEdit
Music & Sounddesign - Soundsright
Color grading - Het Kleurlokaal
Animation - New Motive

Using Format